I Forgot to Remember to Forget


Have you ever lost your keys? Do you remember where you put your phone?... Remember that day when you where little and the school seemed so big?... Memories… We all have them…right? 
"I Forgot to Remember to Forget" is an Experimental Theatre piece that investigates Memory. Who are we??How do we store memories? What happens when we lose them?
“I Forgot to Remember to Forget” came to life out of an exciting collaboration with four performers who share their sometimes-traumatic experiences of acquiring a disability through illness, injury or birth and explores how we accept the changes, how we?re-learn everything, and how we sometimes forget it all.
This is an innovative, fun and touching exploration with participants who identify as living with ‘memory problems’.

Created in Collaboration with :? Michaela Cantwell, Kathryn Hall, Kobi Taylor, Duncan Luke, Kym Mackenzie.