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Ad'm Martin

Ad'm Martin's artistic inclinations began in high school when he first fell in love with poetry. Ten years later he is still writing. Throughout those years he has performed various public readings of his work. In 2002 an opportunity arose to create a short film for 'Pink Shorts' (now known as 'I Can See Queerly Now') as part of the Feast Festival. He co-wrote and co-directed 'Pristine Books', a short film about a gay love triangle.

As his neurological condition progressed and his life changed, his art continued and evolved. In 2005, Ad'm became involved with a group of queer and disabled artists known as Nosotros. In 2006 and 2007, they performed a show called 'The Cracked Pot' which won an Arts GALA. Ad'm was involved as an actor, writer and coordinator. He is now exploring his interest and potential in acting with No Strings Attached professional acting training program called Preparing The Garden. His love for poetry, performance, contact dance/movement, the creative process and art in general continue to 'pave his path'.